What is this filter???


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Saw an ad last night for some free aquarium stuff. Couldn't really tell from the pictures what there was but just in case I said I'd take it anyway. Drove a fair ways to get it and boy was I excited when I saw the pile! For one thing there was an Aquaclear 110. I'd wanted another one but money's a little tight right now and I didn't want to spend it. The lid was broken but that's ok because the last time I bought a used 110 it came with a whole box full of spare parts.

But that's not why I'm here.

Among many other things, there is this HOB filter that appears to have a built-in skimmer that opens into its own tray on the top! What the heck is it?

While there is a slot for a cartridge, the one that was in it can't be the right one because it doesn't allow the upper tray to fit.



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Any numbers or markers on the bottom of it? that way you can try to find what it is (I picked up another aquaclear 110 with a 46 bow front i got, everything that came with it was just fantastic as well).


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Nothing at all, not even on the pump. I haven't yet tried removing the pump to see if there are any hidden marks. I find it especially surprising given that this unit seems to be specialized for its task!