What did you do with your aquarium today?


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This week I did water changes on the 2-20g and the 55g. They were sooooo bad. And need of s good scrubbing.

So yesterday one of the plants in the 55g had come loose, I washed my hands and then replanted. Within just a few minutes every one of my snails was at the top of the tank and the slime was beyond out of control. Think a snot layer on the top of the water. Sooo gross. At first I did a 30% water change, and moved all the snails back to the bottom of the tank. They immediately went back to the top again. So I did a 50% water change, and they finally were happy with that. Clearly something was left on my hands. I doubt it was the soap, I believe it was the new lotion I bought this week. They just did NOT like that at all.

Before a much needed trim

After- still a bit cloudy

20g Betta tank- BacterAE being used. Such a mess!


20g Nano tank- Before & After not much of a change



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Today I did a lot of fishy stuff . I did a huge cleaning on my 75g tank. Did some algae scraping and leaf trimming on a lot of plants. I also added the 15 neon tetras I had in QT to the 75g and tore down the QT tank for now.
On my 10g apisto tank, I took out all the plants in there, added 2 pieces of spider wood, 3 terra cotta pots, and some java fern and anubias. I want the wood to leach as much tannins as possible for the apistos. I need to get 2 more female apistos for my male very soon.
Lastly, I did a complete substrate change on my 10g breeder tank (custom built tank). I originally had brightwell aquatics substrate capped with black gravel but the plants weren't growing at all. Im not sure of it was the substrate or the NICREW LED light I had on it but I didn't like them. I changed out the substrate for eco-complete with seachem root tabs and I put my finnex sting ray in hopes they grow better. The tank now has jungle vals, bacopa caroliniana, crypt wendtii red, crypt lutea, and a stem of ludwigia repens.


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Well I have 0 algae in my 55g, thanks to some algae eaters, but wow, my 2-20g tank has some serious BBA going on. So last night, I pulled the filter outputs, heaters, and all the plants out of 1 tank and doused everything H2O2. Then promptly ran out. Lol. Waiting on the lights to come on to see if everything has turned red today. Hopefully so and my fishies will snack on all the dead BBA.

I had already ordered more H2O2 on Amazon (they have it in bulk for cheaper). So it should be here today, and I will do the other 20g today.

I need to replace the crushed coral in both the 20g cannisters today too.

It isn’t so hot today, and son doesn’t have Marching band, so I should be able to do some extra tank cleaning without too many issues.

Ohhhh and all 6 of my surviving otos, are still fat and happy. I’ve had them for 3 weeks now, and haven’t had any losses in 2 weeks. So I think that is a good sign! Yay!

Andy Sager

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What did I do with my aquarium today? I did a bad, bad thing...... The silence in the hatchery now is deafening, so I went looking at bettas yesterday while I was out grocery shopping. :oops::censored: Fish........ they are worse than drugs!!!!! ( And better for you too. :LOL: (y) )


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Not too much happened today in my fish world. I found what I think is needle/narrow leaf java fern, in my "extra plant tank" in my basement. I didn't even realize I had that in the tank. It was covered in BBA so I sprayed it in H2O2 and put it in my apisto breeding tank in hopes to save it and get it to start growing again. I also added a second terra cotta pot to the 75g for when the apistos eventually go in there


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Over the weekend, I removed most the plants, rock and wood from my 75g to remove the worst leaves and spray down the rest with H2o2 due to an ugly brown and bb algae oubreak. Also wiped down all the tank walls, filter intake, heaters, etc with a magic eraser. Got everything back in and replanted.

I am gradually increasing Excel dosing and changed out the 10,000K aquaneat led for the finnex 24/7 cc set on the default 24/7 mode. Hopefully I will not have to customize and decrease the intensity during the brightest hours. If the bba returns, I will transfer one or two of my SAEs over. I did add nerite snails for a total of 5 and will probably add one more since I got new mystery snails for other tanks and need to thin the snail populations anyway. Nerites will only take care of the brown algae, not the bba.

I am hoping I can actually find a balance of nutrients and plants and apply that knowledge to the 125g I am about to set up to avoid or at least minimize the dreaded brown diatom bloom.


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Yesterday I decided to change out the background on the 33 long. Nothing special, just switched out the typical LFS "deep blue" for a straight black (bought some poster board from the Dollar Store). When I went to turn the lights on to get a better look at things, both lights konked out within about a minute of each other. Thought it might be a sign that I get that new finnex 24/7 cc ;)
So my poor Winslow has fin rot. I decided to set up a hospital tank for him and treat him separately. Those long finned bettas just have to most fin issues. He’s in a 1.5g with a mini-whisper Filter. Just has filter floss in it. I am using Walmart brand Jungle Fugus Clear Fizz Tabs (nitrofurazone). I just did his 90% water change, and re-dosed this morning. He is looking soooo much better. Another 4 days and he can go back to his 20g.

You can see him hiding out back by the heater. I am really liking him on my kitchen counter. I may decide to set him up his own tank, and keep him in the kitchen. Hubby even said that would be okay as long as it wasn’t a huge tank. Sooooo I am gonna think about it lol

A 5 gallon tank would be a great size!
Yeah. I may get him a fancy one with a built in sump. I dunno. Lots of options though. With a small tank, I can do fancy substrate, without breaking the bank. It will be fun to scape a small tank, and put some effort into the scape. Haven’t scaped anything smaller than a 10g with live plants before. I am actually going to plan ahead instead of just buying a ton of plants and throwing them in there hap-hazardly lol


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Cleaned all 3 tanks today. The 55g has some wayward plecos that think it is really fun to dig up my plants lately. And they knocked over my driftwood. Everything was back where it should be for approximately 20 minutes, when the sword plant is again floating. I mean seriously? I gave them more driftwood and a pleco cave this week. They eat non-stop, and this is how they repay me. Gahhh!

The 20g I thought would be oh so easy. I haven’t cleaned their canisters in over a month, so it was time. I think my entire dining room was a giant puddle. I spilled so much water. I went through 4 bath towels to clean it up. Then one of the pumps wouldn’t prime, so I had to suck on the tubing, and got a huge mouthful of dirty tank water. Usually those 2 tanks take me maybe 30 minutes total. Today it was almost 2 hours. Not to mention I have BBA in both of the tanks. So I sprayed everything with H2O2. Hoping the third time is a charm with it.

This was not the normal relaxing water changes I love to do. What a nightmare. I guess at least it is done now for another weeks. Geesh.