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I just wanted to make some of you aware that for years I've been dealing with this little mom and pop online store. I've only had positive experiences with them and the one time I wasn't 100% satisfied they made sure I was. Rick is awesome with customer service and taking requests. And I'm not afraid to admit I'm a needy customer and they are always super patients. Quality of stock is amazing and while they may not have the largest selection available on their site, a quick email will show they can get most any fish you'd like...including some of the more rare species. They have some of the more reasonable shipping prices and a great selection of plants.

If anyone decides to order from them, shoot me a PM first. I have a few coupons that will help with your price.


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I can echo @tyguy37167 's sentiments regarding trinsfish. I order the majority of my fish, and the majority of those orders have been from them.
There was 1 instance, where I paid for overnight, but they accidently shipped priority. I brought it to Rick's attention, and he instantly refunded my overnight shipping costs, thereby shipping my order for free :)


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Agreed. I've only ordered from them once, but everything (pleco and a plant) arrived in top shape!


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Trinsfish is my go to online store. I have purchased Plants and Fish. As mentioned they are a small operation in Ohio about 2.5 hours from me, planning on visiting this summer. Their response time to inquiries can be slow at times. But patience and you will be rewarded.
Highly recommend.