Share Your Favorite Online Retailers for Fish


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I'm hoping to expand the online resources for fish that I have to purchase from. They can be retailers, large-scale breeders, or hobbyists. I know that there must be other sources out there that I haven't heard of that others may be able to suggest.

That said, I am more interested in wilds and rare fish, but, list your favorites regardless because your suggestions may be helpful to others looking for something entirely different. Additionally, it might be helpful to others, if the supplier doesn't have a website, if you provided how to get a hold of that resource.

**I hope this is a good space for this, wasn't sure where to post it as it's not really a review of a particular retailer, but, I think it could be a great resource for others in the future. If there is a better space, please feel free to move it.

Here are some of the sources for fish that I have used that are worth recommending:

Aquatic Clarity- Exceptional variety of rare and wild fish from Americas, Africa, Asia. Very helpful and responsive to email, questions, and excellent shipping procedures. Highly recommend.

The Wetspot- We are all aware of this one. It is where I buy most of my fish.

Tangled Up in Cichlids- This is my go-to for wild cichlids ( other than discus). Jeff Rapps is a fantastic retailer and his shipping is impeccable.

Freshwater Tropicals Online-
I have an order in process with this vendor, John. Ill be able to say more when receive. But, specializes in wild, South American species, particularly discus.

Kenny's Discus- For domestic discus- his customer service, quality, and shipping is hard to beat.

What are your recommendations?


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Great idea @Discusluv!! I have one to add right now. :)

Invertebrates by Msjinkzd - by Racheal O'Leary (website is: She sells inverts and many nano fish species. Has a YouTube channel as well. Don't think I've ever even heard a bad review of her!
Great! I haven't heard of that one! Ill look that one up. Thank you for sharing. :)


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Great! I haven't heard of that one! Ill look that one up. Thank you for sharing. :)
Yea!! She is fantastic!! You should check out her YouTube videos as well!! She breeds a lot of her own fish as well.

Watching her "summer tubbing" videos made me decide to have fish tubs outside this coming summer :sneaky:

Also, her stock list changes a lot, so check frequently! Click on "current stock list" FYI


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WOW. The only things I've had survive my local PetSmart are Bettas, and surprisingly a couple mystery snails (parents of the many I have now), although I nursed the female back to health. Didn't think she'd make it for awhile.


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Some of the ones listed already are crap and some are great but I will keep that to myself;)
I tend to stick with reputable sellers on Aquabid and People I know through the forum and I also frequent Auctions. I have bought from Imperial in the past and was pleased with their service.
When Looking ,Ask around here first - I think you will be pleasantly surprised on the quality you will receive


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Poppa has discus, and can get a bunch of different things

Tuna can chime in but I have received nice plants and Tequila Goodeids from him

I bought my Endlers from Brenna. She does not ship this time of year and it varies

Larry has a bunch going on but I don’t know if he ships

I don’t know if Andy is shipping

That is what I am aware of

Nils sold me a basketball size portion of subwassertang a couple of weeks ago. That type of thing is random
Maybe start a pos about it if you are looking for something??? I had been looking for Oryzias Woworae for awhile, I ended up posting about anyone knowing where to find them... was put in touch with someone who (used) to breed, then another forum member happened to hear from another friend that they saw some... random guy ended up purchasing them for me from his lfs and shipped them... amazing experience of true kindness!
(I’m in Nj, other hobbyist was in ca, he posted to a killie club, guy in Michigan??? Saw it and made it all happen!)

As for sites, I also like aquatic arts...

Overall recommend aquabid, depending on what you are looking for (need to find out reputation, some are “backyard breeders” and some are skilled. If you are looking for uncommon fish chances are they won’t be backyard breeders, but good to look into them.
Hobbyists by far are my fav!


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I always try for hobbyist bred, or The Wet Spot because they get some great wild fish in. Aquatic Arts has been getting in really interesting fish, and I've always had good experiences with them, however I've recently learned they are getting some of their stock from Segrest Farms so I'm much less impressed by that. :/ We'll see how things go with them as they go through their growth spurt.

Where you buy really depends on what fish you're looking for. I've had great experiences with private sellers, and terrible ones.


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The problem is I have no idea what people breed or sell except what is advertised on the buy and sell. Which, as far as fish, there doesn't seem to be much. You all know each other well, what each has, and so on. Im still trying to learn names.
Let's have a section/list of breeders and their list of stock?


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@junebug what's wrong with Segrest Farms in your opinion?

I've bought shrimp, freshwater crabs, and plants from and everything's been top notch so far. They're my go-to place for livestock now.