SC Fish Stores?


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Does anyone have any fish/pet store suggestions in SC? I'll specifically be in Greenville. Any suggestions for either in or around Greenville or on the drive back from Knoxville, TN to there. We'll be there for 2 days. Specifically looking for FW, but I love looking at more SW variety than we have here.

Andy Sager

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If you want to add about 1 1/2 hours South to your trip, I have been to Fishy Business in Columbia, SC a few times and have been impressed. Fresh & salt there.
For salt only, I also visited High Tide in/near Asheville, NC.
All the other stores I've been to are on the East sides of the states so not much more help.

Poppa Ryno

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I dont know the geo of S.C. but check out Myrtle Beach Discus. Jovan has some exwuisite stuff there.

Tmrc exotics

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I can help here, I live about 20 minutes from Greenville in Easley, Oceans Floor is amazing for SW and African cichlids, there is a nice petco (Not kidding, i know the manager, its very well ran), in Easley (towards Clemson from gville) we have Saluda River, its so so, but you usually see some oddballs, arrowana, grouper, elephant nose, along with the usual suspects, tetras, cichlids, livebearers etc. Reptiles too.