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I don't have a review to offer yet--because I don't know where to start! Any recommendations for the best general books or magazines for the hobbyist? Someone here suggested the Fish Diseases book, which I have picked up. Can we create a "quick hits" thread? I'm especially interested in native habitats, biotopes, and a better understanding of how water conditions and various hardscapes/plants affect our fish. Of course if others are looking for different areas, feel free to add those as well!
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This book was recommended to me awhile back. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freshwater Aquariums"
It's 20 years old, but I really enjoyed the simplistic presentation, it's almost as if I am taking his class. The little boxes scattered on the pages with a lot of quick facts, time and money savings tips and something's fishy warnings / tips.
And the giggles and laughs boxes.
"You know your to much like your fish when..."
... you spit your food out a couple of times before eating it
... you eat your children without blinking an eye
... you die a week after moving into your new home
... you keep smashing into the sliding glass door and think nothing of it
Hilarious :D


"The material referenced is just an excerpt of the book by Mike Wickham mentioned above for discussion purposes only"
I highly recommend Karen Randall's excellent book;

"Sunken Gardens is packed with everything you need to plan, design, and maintain a planted freshwater aquarium. Karen Randall shares her years of expertise and makes this enchanting hobby accessible to everyone. You’ll learn everything from the biology of aquatic plants and basic aquarium chemistry to tank maintenance and troubleshooting. Plant profiles highlight the best options for a range of tank situations, and a chapter devoted to aquascaping styles provides basic design principles and inspiring examples. With hundreds of color photographs and clear, reliable advice, Sunken Gardens is an essential introduction to a fascinating pastime."


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(y) @Blue River and @Piaelliott Thanks for the recommend and the reminder.. I remember getting an email about Sunken Gardens from ?? Just ordered it should arrive Sunday.I did not want to forget again. LOL
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Well I have been flipping through my copy of "Sunken Gardens" As mentioned I have found it very informative and useful along with "Great" pics and ideas..

Looks like a good one. Ill look that up on Amazon.
I especially like the part "step-by-step guide" because it will include the mechanics (basics) which many guides seem to assume one should "by common-sense" just know.
We all know this isn't true.
Often these types of books will show you the amazing result of an aquascape, give you the plants and material etc... but forget that beginners need guidance on even the most basic elements such as attaching plants to driftwood, the different methods that may be used to attach them, etc...