KO Goes Tubbin'

Although it is VERY early for an outdoor pond here in New England I have decided to set my pond up anyways. I am going on a week long vacation tomorrow and i wanted the tub to get outdoors to hopefully start getting the bugs and everything seeded in it. I have a small bunch of Hornwort floating in the tub now just to see how it does. I know its at the low end of its tolerance but I figured we can give it a go.

I did end up putting an Argonite substrate on the bottom, this is because I have very soft water and plan on Livebearers in the tank. The current stock plan is just 5-6 mollies. This is my first tub experience so I just want to start light and see how it goes. My plant plan is to plant Wisteria and float Hornwort and Duckweed. Also maybe a pond lilly if I can get my hands on one. The location is on my deck to protect it from the wildlife of the woods I live in. It gets sun from 8am to 2pm currently.



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I am getting anxious as well. If you don't mind, throw this PIC up on the 2018 summer tubbin thread as well. I know some of us are going to track progress there. If the hornwort gives you trouble give me a shout and I will hook you up with some guppy grass. It will be free and ships for a couple bucks. @FishFlow I see a sponge filter in the tub.
Thanks guys! Yeah I'll post over there, maybe even get some better pictures. It's a 40g tub with a sponge filter. It isn't seeded and is basically just for movement right now. I will add a second seeded sponge filter once the fish go in.


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The floating weeds will be important if you want some fry. Mollies and swords will mow them down bad in wide open water, but IME they don't bother to hunt if they are fed and the fry can stay out of sight the first week. They get used to fry swimming around them before too long. Your mileage may vary.