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I made my first order from Jehmco on Black Friday. They had a sale on Eheim Jager heaters for cheaper than the wholesale list I get! I order 6 X 200watt heaters and they arrived in perfect condition. I also am trying Xtreme Foods Sinking pellets - so far so good. I bought a 5lbs bag of Jehmco brand flake which has not been opened. If the fish like it I will I'll be ordering more as the price can't be beat! under $30 for 5lbs! I also got a fancy brine shrimp hatchery. The directions are a little lacking on how it goes together but they are extensive about the actual hatching of eggs. You have to call or fax in your order and the man in the phone was great. He was honest about a product he talked me out of buying because it didn't suit my needs.

The package was shipped the next day via UPS ground. They charge actual shipping and check to see what the cheapest carrier will be.

I'm very pleased and off no less than A+ and I will be making future orders!!

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I don't order from them often because of the hassle of being in another country, but I have met the owner at conventions, and he was beyond helpful. They like the stuff they sell, and it shows. When I have ordered I've had experiences like yours.
They also give back - they have been very generous in their support of the American Killifish Association and killie keepers in general. We're an overlooked, low tech corner of the hobby, so I appreciate the idea of a company that goes out of its way to market what works, and not necessarily what is the latest gadget or the most expensive option. They are kind to the do it yourselfers.
I try to buy from 'real' locally owned stores, even if it costs a little more. I only buy online for bulk foods or equipment I can't get locally. We had a large and wonderful local store go bankrupt last year, and I miss the availability of 'neat ideas' you could find there. But Jehmco is kind of like an old school Mom and Pop store, only online.