I catch live fodder for my fishes.


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To the pond I have to drive about 20 km
But I Like to do this. Special in this season..

It is good when the wind comes from behind, and the waves go to the opposite coast. Then the water at the catch place is smooth and quiet. The plankton animals are also all in this place.
If the water is olive green, cyklops are usually present. In clear water there is sometimes nothing, but it can also be that Daphnia is at the bottom. They have eaten the water clear. When I make a little turbulence, they come up as a cloud.
I must be carefull, otherwise old leaves come in

My squared buckets are packs of 10 kg of mustard from the Fast food kiosk. The rubber lid is from small Alu milk barrels from the dairy farmer. It can not water go out while driving.

I add a colored plastic strip of 20 mm width with rubber band to the bucket. When the water at the pond is filled, I adjust the lower edge to the level. Then I start flea. If the level is at the top edge. I have a liter of flea. (For the dealer).

But it is better to take but little. For safe transport.

When fleas die, they lie on the ground and rot quickly. The water becomes bad, has no more oxygen. The others all die then too.
When catching fleas is true: Less is more!

Small detail
Rod for flea catching. Fixing of the round bow. Sometimes it is neccesary, at the pond replace the mesh size. It must be easy, in special if it cold. I use normally meshs 7, but if I catch dust, meshs 10. (That means meshs per mm)
The free open area is always about 50%
Press on spring bolt. Round Bow put in. Let back the Bolt. Done.

Other thing.
The rod must be disassembled, otherwise it do not fit in car..
On end of rod I fix a pieces water pipe. It is heavy like a hammer. I can the thinn ice destroy in a large area.

Connection of rod parts.
With threaded socket. A part of the screw thread is removed. The screw thread still present is strong enough for the purpose. But I can better paste and need less turn. A advantage in the winter.

Now I go back et home. The fishs will be gratefull.