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Will 2-50W heaters be okay for a 20g tank. Instead of 1-100W? I have 2-50W heaters on hand. Was hoping I didn’t need to order a heater.

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A lot depends on the gap between the ambient temperature and the desired temperature. If there will only be a couple of degrees difference, I would use the 50w heaters.

Andy Sager

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I agree with the others in respect that if the ambient temp is not severe, you can "get away" with the 2 50s. That said, I also suggest you place the 2 heaters on opposite sides of the tank. Since you probably won't be able to get the 2 synched together, by having them on opposite sides, with good water flow, it will help prevent cold spots in the tank. (y)


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I know you were all worried and waiting to see how the heaters worked lol

I have 2-50W Fluval E-heaters in one of the 20g. It is keeping the temp perfect. Today we had a bit of a increase in our temps outdoors, and I had to turn them down. So it is working fabulously.