Flipper Magnetic Algae Scrubber


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I was getting tired of scraping algae with a scrubber and 4" window scraper. I remember when I was younger, I had a small magnet scraper so I looked into what's available today. Wow, what choices! They're a lot different than what I had and now use velcro type scrubbing pads. The ones that stood out were the Flipper and Mag-float. The Flipper was about 2-3 times more than the Mag-float but was very highly recommended. At $40 for the regular size, it's definitely not cheap but with so many positive reviews I decided to order one. It came today and I tried it out on my 40g and 75g that I just cleaned a few days ago but missed a lot of spots because I couldn't see it while scraping. The Flipper works great and got all the spots and edges I missed. And w/o getting my hands too wet (just putting the inside piece in the tank). Going around corners to get to the sides was really easy. The magnets are really strong so the scraper works really well. I did get tired gripping the handle to move it around, that's how strong the magnets are. I think I'll get a mini for my 20g and 10g tanks.


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Excuse me! I was in trouble and I do not take it anymore.
If you catch a small grain of sand, you'll get a scratch in the glass. It's not good for the photos. I had to take the back to the front.
I use a wire sponge. Stainless steel.