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Another great place for supplies is the DrsFosterSmith! They've got a lot of things that aren't available anywhere else, and have all kinds of tools, accessories, and interesting items.

They have fast shipping, great customer service, and great deals.

I've gotten a lot of different substrates from them, and they don't charge extra for shipping.


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I like F&S. I have shopped there many a time too. My last light was purchased from them. However I was told that the Live Aquaria part is a joke. Someone ordered discus and they kept sending the wrong type. Over months he ended up with I think four of one type and finally one of the ones he ordered.

Poppa Ryno

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LiveAquaria has a baaaaad rep


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It was like they didnt even try to get it right. " Yo I ordered this and ya sent this.: "Uh huh. We will send that then." "Yo you sent this AGAIN, I ordered this." "Uh huh. We think you would prefer that, though. So here, have another."
Psh, smh (n)

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Have to do more digging on the details but as of this year drsfostersmith, petco, and liveaquaria are all connected. Struck a deal earlier this year.


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I've placed three orders with DFS in the last couple months. Their shipping is free over $19, expertly packed, and always comes fast, even though they say expect 5-9 business days. Had an issue with an order (it was all my fault) and they rectified the problem quickly. They customer service people were very nice.

Two thumbs up from me!


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DFS - ordered 4 15lb bags of Soil (instock), the rep "CALLS" me and states that its on backorder and we only have 2 right now.
"We think it will be in on Oct 4th but cannot guarantee that.."
The rep and I talk and came to a solution, where DFS will down price the 5lb bags to $13.99 so that 6 of them will equal the 2 big bags at the same price!

First time using them, will def give another go with them when the need arises!