Blueberry gorgonian


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I couldnt find a sea fan category so I’ll try here.

Saturday night I saw that Aquariumdepot was having a 50% off sale and one of the item was a blueberry gorgonian, for 3.99. I thought I would give it a shot, and at the time didn’t realize it was one of the hardest gorgs to care for.

Therefore, I would like to ask what is a good suggested food for them? I have read Reef roids, reef snow, phytoplankton, rods food( which I can’t find in stock) and even just mysis shrimp and emerald entree. Some say daily feedings up to six times some say every few days. Therefore I need some advice from people here. I don’t mind daily feedings but the amount people say seems a bit much. This will be the only “filter feeder” save some more zoanthids which will rely more on light that the stuff in the tank. Would spot feeding this thing every other day be sufficient? And of the listed foods which would be best? I’m leaning on either reef roids or the snow, as the snow claims it’s alive. Could I mix up enough of that to spot feed for a few days, it seems the amount to mix and feed is a bit much for one gorgonian. Also if it turns out to be too difficult I have no issues with sending it to someone more capable. It was only now four bucks after all so not a large hit to finances.



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Unfortunately I have no advice to offer but I am sure someone here does. I'm eager to know about it as well. Can't wait for pics once it arrives :)

Btw, I did some research myself on the topic and I am just as confused as you on what type of feeding schedule. Some multiple times a day while others said once a day. :confused: However it does seem to need frequent feeding and is sensitive to flow. From what I gathered it needs to be in consistent but not heavy direct flow.
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