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Hello! For my art I have a few simple rules, to protect the buyer and myself.

I work in digital, with Photoshop and a Wacom pen tablet, or chalk pastels. I plan to try my had at oil paintings here pretty soon so please, look forward to that!

For all art I will require 50% of payment due before I begin work. Simply because in traditional mediums I will need supplies, and in digital it shows me that you are serious with the transaction.

Digital: I will show periodic updates on the work, and will send the file to you via email without a watermark upon payment completion. I prefer to not print the piece here, as my home printer is not that nice. However I will as long as it is no larger than 8.5 inch x 11 inch. All art will be shown as a preview with a watermark until sale is complete. Upon completion the other 50% of payment is due.

Traditional: Same as digital, I will show periodic updates through the process. This is to ensure it is what you want, and no one is wasting time or money. that stuff is not easy to come by nowadays! Upon completion, the other 50% of payment is due. Once received, the piece, depending on medium will be protected and then rolled up, lightly taped ( to ensure no rubbing, and easy removal from package) and placed in a tube mailer. I will send tracking information so you will be prepared for it.

Payment: I accept Paypal and Postal money orders only. If sending a money order, please allow ample time for it to arrive for me to start.Once it arrives I will notify you and begin the work.

I do believe that is it!

Thank you all for the opportunity to bring some fantastic art to your home, be it digital, or traditional!
IMG_0124.JPG Hi, my names Shawn. I hear you are a really good artist and I was wanting to get a quote from you I have a pic of a metriaclima fainsiberli mason reef cichlid I would like a painting done of. I would like it to be on canvas and about 2 feet by 4 feet. The pose doesn't have to be exactly like the pic in fact I will let you pose him however you think would look best! If you would rather text by phone ny number is 8*6-6*6-6*85. Thanks for your time!

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