ArsenalOfColor's ADD Aquatic Adventure

Yooo, I have to say it's so good to be able to have the time to post on here again. As many of you know when I joined this forum I was beginning my career as a software engineer, that journey has drawn me away from my tanks greatly but with some recent projects wrapping as well as my professional work in a weirdly stalled out spot for a brief moment I thought I'd jump back in and update you guys on what I've always called AOC's ADD Aquatic Adventure.

Gonna start out with things that are going right! Then start posting more tanks that I would consider half successes until I post about the full failures, it's a lot, and a lot of the failure are my fault, but so are all of the successes. Here's our first winner: Living room 40g breeder 3-4" of Eco-Complete dosing Aquarium Co-Op Easy Green twice a week, A breeding male lemon albino BNP with three mature females pumping out babies fast right now, started with 15 Orange Sakura shrimp probably less than 10 now, I've seen at least three different ones with berries probably no survivors though with all the pleco fry plants are pogo octo, red metallic crypt, nurii crypt, hudori crypt, red melon sword, banana plant, pilo moss

Next up is the tank these parents were raised in, it has a natural +1 to fish constitution
20L Quarantine Tank, and sometimes used for raising up BNP fry, this tank is in my living room next to sliding glass doors it drains out to, it gets changed every other if not every day and is set up to do so easily with meds as needed, I've got a new piece of driftwood that is going to get either some buce or anubias for it. Currently 2 Pineapple BNP juvs and 25ish Lemon juvs

And the final winner tonight is this 3.5g half moon acrylic tank, dirted capped with black eco complete, Dwarf hairgrass var Large, Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini', Riccia, There's a stem of red temple plant that is holding on for dear life and two buces with algae starting to grown on them. 7-8 Adult Neon Yellow shrimp have had several clutches already being in the tank for such a short amount of time and babies are already visible all around the tank with more berries already being held. MTS and blackworms turn the soil making this nano tank a nano plant paradise.