Shipping Corals

fish wrangler

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Jan 19, 2016
NE Illinois
The time has come for me to break down my reef. I'm going to try and find local buyers for the coral, but if I have to ship the corals how does everyone recommend I send them? I tried shipping some xenia (and maybe some kenya) a while ago to coral bandit but they didn't make it through shipping. Most of the corals are not on frag plugs if it helps.
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Andy Sager

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Jan 30, 2016
Soft corals came from overseas in bags with enough water to cover them then oxygen. Stoney corals came in bags with little water but wet paper covering the coral and an Air/Oxygen mix. They came from 48 hours away like this weekly, so it works. If you are looking to ship corals cheap ( via USPS) , not sure how long they will last in a bag this way.