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Discussion in 'Book Reviews' started by vikingkirken, Mar 8, 2018.

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    I don't have a review to offer yet--because I don't know where to start! Any recommendations for the best general books or magazines for the hobbyist? Someone here suggested the Fish Diseases book, which I have picked up. Can we create a "quick hits" thread? I'm especially interested in native habitats, biotopes, and a better understanding of how water conditions and various hardscapes/plants affect our fish. Of course if others are looking for different areas, feel free to add those as well!
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    Diana walsteads ‘Ecology of the Planted Aquarium’ is a great one, love the Amano books, but mostly for eye candy.
    Amazonias magazine is a good one :)
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    This book was recommended to me awhile back. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freshwater Aquariums"
    It's 20 years old, but I really enjoyed the simplistic presentation, it's almost as if I am taking his class. The little boxes scattered on the pages with a lot of quick facts, time and money savings tips and something's fishy warnings / tips.
    And the giggles and laughs boxes.
    "You know your to much like your fish when..."
    ... you spit your food out a couple of times before eating it
    ... you eat your children without blinking an eye
    ... you die a week after moving into your new home
    ... you keep smashing into the sliding glass door and think nothing of it
    Hilarious :D


    "The material referenced is just an excerpt of the book by Mike Wickham mentioned above for discussion purposes only"
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    You still read books?? Those things give you paper cuts!
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